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Many water well systems operate trouble-free for many years. However, an annual groundwater system check-up is recommended. An annual check-up can insure the integrity of your water system and can sometimes locate minor mechanical problems that may be easily repaired before they become more costly system breakdowns.

As components of a groundwater system age they become more apt to cause problems with pressure, water quality and system reliability.

The national average lifespan of well pressure tanks which is 15 years. Well pressure tanks are not permanent fixtures and they must be replaced periodically. Please keep this in mind and inspect your tank periodically as you may need to replace it soon.

Some simple things to look for when inspecting your tank:

Any leaks or wet spots around your tank. (other than condensation)
This is a visual test you can do. Tanks should be dry and free of any leaks. Tanks are made of metal. Over time, just like all metal, it starts to rot and rust. Once the rotting is bad enough, it will form a hole and start leaking. It will usually start as a small leak at first (drips) and then grow larger over time. Untreated tanks can cause severe water damage. Current tank models are now equipped with a stainless-steel elbow on the bottom to increase their lifespan.
The well pump kicking cycling rapidly.
This is caused by the bladder inside the tank going bad. When the bladder is bad the water inside the tank has nothing to press against to build pressure. When the pump turns on to build pressure, it builds pressure quickly and releases quickly. This hammering effect will destroy your well pump. Your pump should kick on at around 40 psi and shut off at around 60 psi. This cycle should take about a one minute. If you notice your well pump kicking on and off faster, most likely your tank is bad and should be replaced.

Meadow Well and Pump staffs the best and most professional service techs to help with this and any other water well needs. We now offer a 5-year warranty with all new tanks we install. If you notice any of these problems above, want to replace your tank before any damage occurs or just have any general questions about your well, please feel free to give us a call at 630-584-6210 or visit our website to schedule an appointment.

One of the most important elements of any new or existing household is the provision of a safe, potable supply of water for drinking, cooking and washing. In most rural and many suburban areas potable water is from a groundwater source.

The quality and quantity of groundwater system is dependent upon the choices you, the homeowner, make. Planning your groundwater system must be done with careful thought, and should be done with the help of Meadow Well & Pump. Always consider, not only present, but future water requirements and needs when designing your groundwater system.

Groundwater is found in geological formations called aquifers.  In some cases, a water well system can encounter several aquifers.  The local licensed groundwater professional has historical data available that will provide vital information as to the quality, as well as the expected quantity of water found at various depths. 

The depth of the water well, selection of the pumping equipment, water tank size, and water needs of the household must be determined prior to construction.  The size of the home, number of water fixtures, personal habits and projected future water needs are all important elements that help in the design of a groundwater system. 

The size and depth of a well will have a long-term impact on the reliability of a groundwater system.  The water pressure tank must be sized according to the gallon per minute flow rate of the pump.  All the information you need, as well as the options available can be provided by Meadow Well & Pump,Inc.

Meadow well and Pump well rehab is the best way to revitalize your well to new condition. With a well rehab we can remove, mineral deposits, rust, black flakes, and debris. Over time these build up (grow) on the sidewalls of your well, sometimes chocking off the water production. Removing this build up can increase water production and can improve water quality.

Buying or selling a home? Let meadow well & pump come take a look at your well system to make sure it is in proper working condition.  A highly qualified technician will come inspect the system for any defects and make sure it meets code.  Meadow will also take a water sample from the house to make sure the water is safe.

Have you noticed water pooling in your yard between house and well head? Your pump kicking on and off without using water in the house? Higher electric bill? These might be signs that you have a leak in your waterline. If you suspect a problem give Meadow Well and pump a call.

Occasionally we find that a water well is no longer needed. Once it has been determined that a well is no longer wanted the state water well code requires that it be sealed by a licensed well driller in order to protect the aquifer from becoming contaminated. The code also requires permits and inspections of all well sealings. We have the experience and skills to handle the sealing of all sized wells. We have sealed all sized wells from hand dug wells found on old farms to large diameter deep wells used by cities to supply many home. Feel free to call us to help you with your project.