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Water Wells

One of the most important elements of any new or existing household is the provision of a safe, potable supply of water for drinking, cooking and washing. In most rural and many suburban areas potable water is from a groundwater source.

The quality and quantity of groundwater system is dependent upon the choices you, the homeowner, make. Planning your groundwater system must be done with careful thought, and should be done with the help of Meadow Well & Pump. Always consider, not only present, but future water requirements and needs when designing your groundwater system.

Groundwater is found in geological formations called aquifers.  In some cases, a water well system can encounter several aquifers.  The local licensed groundwater professional has historical data available that will provide vital information as to the quality, as well as the expected quantity of water found at various depths. 

The depth of the water well, selection of the pumping equipment, water tank size, and water needs of the household must be determined prior to construction.  The size of the home, number of water fixtures, personal habits and projected future water needs are all important elements that help in the design of a groundwater system. 

The size and depth of a well will have a long-term impact on the reliability of a groundwater system.  The water pressure tank must be sized according to the gallon per minute flow rate of the pump.  All the information you need, as well as the options available can be provided by Meadow Well & Pump,Inc.